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About us

Freud Drums was founded in 2020 by Maximilian Zödl, Franz Stöger and Simon Harringer. The company's mission is to understand the sound requirements and acoustic ideas of percussionists and to reflect these in the form of instruments. This analytical way of thinking resulted in the name "Freud Drums", which is dedicated to Sigmund Freud's revolutionary psychoanalysis. We build a sound with very specific characteristics.

The sound, not the drum. Your sound, instead of a sound. The company's philosophy is based on the production of solid wooden instruments and the associated traditional drum construction method, which has a significant impact on the character and tonal qualities of the instrument. The quest to achieve an individual sound in our instruments is possible thanks to the combination of 25 years of sound research, studies in percussion and material science as well as acoustic and material analysis. Additionally, every small component contributes to the final sound of the instrument.

Through experiments, we were able to determine acoustic differences and properties of domestic and tropical wood species such as oak, maple, walnut, mahogany, padouk, etc. and to establish a correlation between wood type and shell height. These results were then categorized by musical styles, and some combinations were defined as “Freud standards”. Permanent research and development, innovations, and the study of the most important details such as the shape of bearing edge and snare bed give our instruments a unique sound. We translate your sound request into a technical description through material and psychoanalysis. In addition, you will not receive mass-produced goods from us, but an instrument that is individually tailored to you.

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